Cross Cultural Collaboration (New Album) 

For Ling, each collaboration is a new adventure, often accompanied by fear of the unknown and her latest musical partnership with the well known classical guitarist Nick Fletcher is no exception.

Their album “If Only You Could Hear” is entirely improvised by two strangers and their instruments meeting for the first time. No one knew what would happen, but the result is magical. The erhu spoke and Nick’s guitar answered it. The title track is a raw, plaintive account of Ling’s recent loss of her father and through each change of mood and tone we can trace Ling’s life story from her childhood in China to her life in the UK as a working musician, artist, wife and mother.

In this album Ling’s effortless mastery of her instrument enables her to speak eloquently from her heart. Encouraged by the sensitive response of Nick’s guitar this music moves out of the darkness of bereavement quite beautifully into the light.

Being Chinese Ling’s father could never have expressed pride in her achievements, if only he could hear….

Fantastic and deeply moving!!!      


                                                                David Darling 

  David is an American Grammy Award winning composer and cellist.

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